The Hidden Wounds of Psycho-Emotional Child Abuse

Were You A Victim Of Abuse In Your Family-Of-Origin?  Ever wonder if you were were the victim of actual psychological / emotional abuse versus ‘sub-par parenting’ as a child? Many people have no idea that they grew up in abusive, ‘toxic’, and/or dysfunctional environments. Some therapists may miss the signs as well… Article By Rebecca C. […]

Working Mindfully With Anxiety: Part Two

Viewing Our Anxiety Symptoms as  Health-Seeking Signals Inviting Us To Heal In last week’s post, Working Mindfully With Anxiety – Part One, I presented a case study to illustrate how anxious feelings and symptoms may at times be acting as a ‘health-seeking signal’, i.e., a ‘wise guide’ inviting us to heal ourselves at a core, root level. In […]