Seven Strategies For Effectively Dealing With Workplace Bullying

By Rebecca C. Mandeville, MA, MFT In this article I discuss some of the unique traits that emotionally manipulative, bullying adults exhibit; the various kinds of damage such bullying in the workplace can cause to others who are exposed to them for any length of time (the emotionally sensitive, conflict-avoidant person, especially); and my strategies for […]

Ten Strategies For Living Authentically As Your True Self

Article By Rebecca C. Mandeville, MA, MFT If you find yourself continuing to act out old patterns and roles that no longer serve you, this is more than likely interfering with your ability to create mutually rewarding, respectful, and reciprocal relationships. Below are my ten strategies for getting in touch with your true self so as to create […]

Ten Tips To Stop People-Pleasing

By Rebecca C. Mandeville, MA, MFT (Founder of ‘Affordable Online Therapy California‘) If you’re a people-pleaser, you likely avoid conflict as much as possible in your interactions with others, and will deny your own truth in an attempt to make those you feel dependent upon and/or care about comfortable. But in reality chronic people-pleasing serves […]