Experience affordable, private psychotherapy sessions from the comfort of your home or office using the secure, HIPAA-compliant ‘Telehealth’ platform (must reside in California).

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Email: affordableonlinetherapy@gmail.com

Phone: 800-985-3057

Welcome to my website! My name is Rebecca and I’m a licensed Psychotherapist and Certified TeleMental Health Specialist with over 25 years experience in the Counseling and Coaching fields. I commend you for your courage in considering professional assistance, and hope you will find some helpful information here about psychotherapy, certified life coaching, and/or career counseling.

Many people feel some lessening of their emotional discomfort as soon as they reach out and connect with a licensed Therapist like me, because facing difficulties is easier when we feel that we are not alone. Chances are you are thinking about getting some help dealing with one or more life issues that are troubling you. I am skilled in helping clients deal with such concerns as relationship conflict, rebuilding confidence after divorce, codependency and enabling behaviors, childhood trauma, grief and loss, career challenges, and/or feeling stuck and unable to define and/or reach goals.

Specialty areas include relationship issues; codependency; rebuilding your life after a breakup or divorce; narcissistic abuse; alcoholic family systems; childhood trauma; spiritual and religious concerns; life coaching; and career counseling.

Simple & Convenient To Use

Online therapy allows you to engage in virtual therapy / counseling via live video, phone, or chat (via asynchronous messages) from the comfort of your home or office. Video sessions can even be done through a secure, HIPPA-compliant app right from your phone! Because I feel strongly that competent, skilled therapy should be affordable, I offer flexible pricing options and packages that fit more any budget.

I practice full time as a TeleMental Health Therapist and enjoy being able to provide affordable services to clients who are ready to engage in meaningful work. 


Contact me via phone or email (listed below) to set up your free introductory consultation to determine if online therapy is right for you! 

 To learn more about using the ‘Simple Practice’ platform, go here: About Telehealth Simple Practice – Client Handout